Faser Private Limited takes environment and public health very seriously. For this reason, we have completed all the major certifications which are considered mandatory for any food processing industry in the province: Punjab Food Authority, Punjab Halal Development Authority, ISO 9001 and Environment certificates. As a customer, you can count on us for providing safe and natural fruit pulps.


Water management and conservation

Water is an all essential natural resource having extreme importance in running a fruit processing industry. But there is always reported the indiscriminate use or excessive consumption of water whether it comes to the industrial sector or households. At Faser, we believe in the appropriate water usage and therefore we adopt a systematic & integrated approach to minimize the undesirable wastage as well as maximize the saving of water for excellent utilization of our resources. Following describes the major steps we are taking to manage and conserve water at various points of its use in our factory:  


  • We take water from deep borewells and make it pure by treating it in a Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant. 
  • The clean water from RO-plant is used in washing fruits and when it becomes dirty, we add a continuous dose of chlorine to control its contamination. 
  • There is an installation of flow meters at various locations in the plant and we have complete control over the utilization of water.
  • The steam that is produced in the heating equipment, we condensate it in a tank and also utilize it for purposes like cleaning the crate and floor, etc.
  • When it comes to cleaning the equipment, we use compressed water jets for water conservation objectives.
  • Effluent from all plant locations is collected with the help of interconnect drains and sent to the oxidation pond after necessary treatment. The water oxidation pond is then used for gardening and civil constructions. 
  • No effluent, whether treated or untreated is released into the public drains. Hence, Faser does not pose any dangers or cause problems to the public and surroundings.


Solid Waste Management

  • Peels which are an extraneous material obtained from pulp processing are supplied to the livestock sector. They buy them from us as cattle feed. But before supplying, we make sure the peels are properly dried in the sunlight.
  • Similarly, seeds are also dried under the sun and we then supply them to the farmers. The farmers buy seeds from us, as to grow nursery plants.
  • The portion of the fruits and peels that are damaged is recycled through composting and vermiculture. 
  • To keep the environment clean and healthy, we grow plants in our premises and use the manure obtained through the processing of spoiled fruits and damaged peels as a valuable fertilizer for the nourishment of plants.